Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Eclipse IDE for Symfony2 developers

After looking for a good Symfony 2 IDE I found Eclipse to offer a good solution for what I needed. I did see this post on how to setup Eclipse for Symfony 2 but it's a little out dated. Post #1 First download the Zend Eclipse IDE for your OS Flavor, Me I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64BIT. Zend Eclipse IDE - Community Edition ( Yeah it's FREE ) Now the Paid version of Zend IDE you can download all the plugins from this list Zend Eclipse IDE Plugins List But I found you can also install then yourself in the Community Edition. Now I haven't been able to find them all but if you see one on the list that I don't provide a update site link to, Please comment and I will add it. Here are the plugins I use: Here are some others I have found but have not installed it's still a work in progress, let me know what works for you


Robinson P!et said...


I'm Peter, one of the developers of Agilereview. The AgileReview plugin is completely free and opensource. Why do you think that you have to pay for it?


Phill said...

Fixed! Thanks for the update on your plugin