Thursday, May 07, 2009

wife breaks iPhone 3G screen, but Apple comes to the rescue (Again)

Ok so I get a call from my wife stating she has dropped her 3G iPhone and the screen is starting to crack (plastic film holding it together). Told her to take it into Apple to see what they could do. She informs me that Apple has a new screen replacement program that starts the next day (Which would be Thursday), so she makes an appointment for Saturday to get the screen replaced (Costing $150 to replace the screen as claimed by an Apple employee). She calls me to tell me the details and I ask her why are you waiting till Saturday? do it ASAP. She calls them back only to find out that Apple does NOT have a screen replacement program starting, but Apple has a heart and for misleading her they just replace the broken iPhone 3G with a new one. Amazing, just amazing :)