Thursday, June 17, 2010

My wifes iPhone 4 Pre-Order Story

So after the headache of ordering two iPhone 4's on June 15th Pre-Order day we finally got our email confirmations for a June 24the delivery (Yeah), but somehow in the process we ended up purchasing three iPhone's. (Wonder how this could have happen? Well the next day my wife calls to cancel one of the iPhone orders, the call took over two hours of being on hold (here is the funny part). During the on hold process my wife had to leave the house, not wanting to hang up (as she leaves the phone somewhere on speaker and listens for someone to pickup) she places the handset down and leaves the house for about forty minutes. Returning home she realizes she is still on hold with Apple and takes another ten minutes before she is able to speak to someone and resolve the issue, Great timing LOL!!! So to recap, two hours to speak to someone, forty minutes she leaves the house and just leaves the phone on speaker, an additional ten minutes on hold when she returns before speaking with someone. Priceless :)