Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pray for all involved

Yesterday I witnessed a horrific motorcycle accident. Don't know if the car hit the motorcycle or if it was the motorcycle hit the car, just saw the motorcycle hit the curb and the bike and rider smack into a lightpost. Jumped out of the car as my wife calls 911, I start yelling at the rider asking if he can hear me, I hear moaning. Others get out of their cars to help. I notice the driver of the car that hit the biker, she's early 20's and is in total shock, crying, shaking, unable to escape the situation she is now in. The rider is starting to move more but everyone is yelling at him to stay still, not move. Just below his knee his leg is bent at almost a 45 degree angle, blood is seeping through his jeans. I think his leg was smashed between the lightpost and the bike and his leg looks to be twisted. I'm about 2 feet away from him, he looks to be early 20's as well. A lone fireman who was just passing by stops to help and the police start to arrive and ask questions about the accident. The ambulance arrives and the EMT's start to stabilize the kid, cut up his jeans to see his leg that looks to be only attached by skin. They get him on the stretcher and as they are trying to load him in the ambulance, looks like his brother with friends and mother arrive. Pray for the two families as their lives are forever changed. As I think about the day which started off beautiful and the motorcycle rider going for a ride, the other driver maybe running some errands and my own family as we were headed to a friends daughters birthday party. How fragile life is and at a split second how it all can come grinding to a halt.