Thursday, April 23, 2009

virtualbox how to adjust the screen size

I had an issue where Virtualbox would start my OS (Win XP in this case) at 800x600 screen resolution. I wanted to increase the size to fill my 22 inch monitor so under the Machine drop down I select "Fullscreen mode", but to my surprise it just centered the 800x600 with a black background to fill the rest of the area for the full screen view. Meh, this is not what I wanted! After much searching I found nothing that anyone had posted to fix the problem. Well stop searching!!!

How to fix:

Login to your VirtBox machine and change the XP display settings, Yep it's just that simple =P

Detailed how to:
1- Start VirtBox
2- Login to XP
3- Right click the desktop
4- Select Properties
5- Select the Settings tab
6- Slide the Screen resolution slider towards the More side
7- Click Apply
8- Click Yes to confirm your settings
9- Click Ok

That's it, enjoy!!!

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